Gluten intolerance, celiac disease, irritable bowel, autism spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD, failure to thrive, fatigue, poor memory, repeat UTI’s  …. What is it that all these things have in common? Gluten.

It is not only those with celiac disease that are unable to tolerate gluten.  There are many people with damage in their gut and in their lives as a result of ingesting gluten that their body simply cannot tolerate.

Eliminating gluten means that you take 100% of the gluten containing food and drink out of your dietary intake.  Even a very small amount of gluten can continue to irritate your gut and have far reaching effects on your health.

When I recommend taking all gluten containing foods out of your diet, I spend time supporting and educating you on how to do this and what to eat.  This can be done one on one in clinic or as part of a group.  Contact me for details of next group meeting

Taking out gluten will go a long way to supporting the digestive tract to heal and reducing systemic inflammation caused by absorbing proteins that are not completely digested however it is also necessary to use a protocol to facilitate this gut healing and restore nutritional sufficiency at the same time.

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