Water is the most important nutrient in the body.  You can go eight weeks without food and only days without water.  It makes up 55 – 60% of our total body mass and is found in all tissues of the body.

The roles of water are numerous.  It improves oxygen delivery to cells; transports nutrients; enables cellular hydration; moistens oxygen for easier breathing; cushions bones and joints; regulates body temperature; removes wastes; flushes toxins; prevents tissues from sticking; maintains normal electrical properties of cells; and empowers the body’s natural healing process.

Adequate hydration will improve a number of health problems including sinusitis, constipation, inflammation, allergies, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, and more.

Your body cannot adequately eliminate waste products without enough water.  If toxic chemicals or heavy metal poisoning are at the root of your health problems, you will have a much easier time recovering when you are properly hydrated.

There is controversy about which kind of water is best.  Tap water can be a source of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine.  Filtered or bottled water is usually best.  Ideally, an adult ought to drink at least six‐seven 250 ml glasses of water each day as well as eating fresh live fruits and vegetables.  The most appropriate way to drink water is to sip it throughout the day.

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