My new patient consultation is completed over three appointments. The first appointment is of 40 – 60 minutes duration and is focused on fact finding.  This includes you completing a new patient form and a 3-day food diary before you come in.  After the initial interview, you will be required to complete a nutritional assessment questionnaire.  The second appointment is for any testing I may do in clinic – which tests are required is decided at the first appointment once I know your individual requirements.  The third appointment is for your Report of Findings where I will outline the treatment plan, protocol and any formulas or dietary adjustments you may require.

The three New Patient appointments are usually completed within a short time frame e.g. within 7 – 10 days.  Follow up reviews and testing depend on the needs of the individual.  You would come in more frequently at the beginning of your health journey; perhaps fortnightly for a couple of times followed by intervals of three, four weeks, or six weeks after that.  Once you move on to a Wellness Maintenance programme you will come for three or four visits annually.

New patient process for children is usually managed over two appointments with a focus on the food diary and nutritional requirements.

Payment is to be made at time of consultation and options available are either cash or Eftpos.

I have an electronic diary and you can book directly online with me.  To get started, simply register online at and select one of the “New Patient” appointment types