BodyTalk Outcomes

Cush’s First BodyTalk Experience

Some years ago my eldest sister living in Australia was very ill and deteriorating as the months went by.  The demands of supporting her remotely were impacting me mentally, emotionally and physically.  She had lung cancer, was very obese and her dietary intake of high sugar and fat was feeding the inflammation in her body.  I was despairing as with my background in health; I knew that she was dying.

During this period one of my sisters-in-law told me about BodyTalk and encouraged me to have my first session “Go on, it’s just your sort of thing” she said, adding as she looked me in the eye, “It will help you.”  She was right.  From the very first moment of that initial session something deep within me knew that this was what I had been looking for.

I enrolled in my first BodyTalk seminar intending for this course to give me a chance to reconnect with myself as a Naturopath.  Over the previous twelve months the time spent supporting my sister through her prolonged period of ill health before she passed away meant less and less time in my Naturopathy practice.  The stress of her illness and the grief of her passing had impacted me and I knew that to step back into working full time again required me to be available both emotionally and physically for my patients.  The thought of spending months in grief counselling was unappealing and I needed to get back on form quickly.  I was unprepared for the positive impact that five day course was to have on me.

Over the five days of the course I had about twelve BodyTalk sessions.  As the days went on I felt a lightening within as the grief lifted.  I had walked into that course on the first evening feeling numb and as if I had a big void at my feet that could suck me down at any moment.  By the afternoon of day four, I felt as if I had woken up.  I realised that I could feel again.  The world was once more full of colour and life.  The void at my feet was gone.  I walked out of that course a whole person, able to return to my clinic fully functional once again.

The effect on me of that original course was so profound that I knew I wanted to experience this both as a patient and a practitioner.  I am now a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and seeing similar, positive, results in my own patients.

My many years of working in, and observing, the corporate environment have led to a strong interest in the mind/body connection.  I am particularly interested in the effects of stress on the health and wellbeing of the body/mind complex and Body Talk has given me an effective tool to address these areas.

BodyTalk is a simple, effective and valuable modality that is suitable for all ages and areas of health.  It is a non-invasive technique that allows the practitioner to identify where breakdowns in communication within the body have occurred.  As it works only on the body’s own regulatory process, the BodyTalk system is safe and combines well with other forms of treatment, frequently enhancing them.  It allows me as a practitioner to identify and assist in clearing those emotional and energetic blocks within the body that may lead to pain and disease.

I have observed that those patients, who choose BodyTalk sessions, as part of their treatment protocols, experience faster and lasting improvements.  I have noticed that when combining BodyTalk into my treatment plans I am prescribing less and getting greater results.

I recommend BodyTalk and I am available both in my clinic and for remote sessions for those who are not geographically nearby.  Please feel free to contact me or to make an appointment online go to

The following is a description of her BodyTalk experience by a lady who came in with depression.

For no apparent reason after an extended holiday overseas, I slid into a deep depression coupled with anxiety.  Despite medication from my GP, a supportive husband and friends, counselling to manage my high anxiety state and prayer support, I continued to spiral.  I was introduced to Cush Reid and asked to consider using BodyTalk to help me.  It was a huge step of faith for me to trust my very vulnerable self to yet another person.  I was at rock bottom.  Hope encouraged me to step out and trust, one session at a time.  Cush very quickly put me at ease and we began.

I cannot explain exactly what happened except that after the 2nd session I relaxed for the first time in months.  After the 3rd session I experienced peace for a couple of days on and off and my sleep showed improvement.  I began to experience glimmers of hope.  By the 4th session I was now alive again, sleeping better, felt like a new person, full of hope, gratitude, light and possibilities.  For me, BodyTalk combined with other things I did brought about a breakthrough in my anxiety and depression and came at a time when I could not hold on to hope much longer.  I am forever grateful to God for this avenue of healing. – Mary, Wellington

The following is a testimonial from a lady who brought her two daughters to me for BodyTalk and then came for sessions herself.

My younger daughter has always insisted that she needs to sleep with a nightlight on and really struggled to settle down.  I took her to Cush for muscular problems that she has been experiencing.  Cush took her case history and then did a Bodytalk session with her.  During the session her fear of the dark came up.  On our way home from the session she informed me that she no longer needed her nightlight and that I could remove it from her room when we got home.  To my amazement she went to bed that evening, and every evening since with no arguments and no problems about it being too dark.  She switches off her light, says good night, puts her head on her pillow and goes to sleep.  With several more sessions under her belt she has settled down to a large extent in terms of her behaviour which would swing from over excitement to being really down in the dumps – her moods are far more consistent.  This all without any medication or medical intervention.

With respect to my older daughter she was really ill and off school for a considerable time and the medical practitioners were hopelessly pathetic (that puts it mildly).  I eventually took her to Cush who put her onto a naturopathic medication and did BodyTalk with her.  When we went home she slept for several hours and started taking her medication the next day.  Within 48 hours she was ready to return to school.  Being a typical teenager, the behaviour that is exhibited is not always ideal, but there has certainly been an improvement in her treatment of both me and her dad subsequent to the BodyTalk sessions.

The BodyTalk sessions have certainly had a huge impact on my stress levels and have assisted in a reduction of the stress which I carry around in my shoulder muscles.  I can highly recommend the sessions to anyone – you have no idea what is going to come out, but everything that does only helps you to step in the right direction. – Carolyn, Wellington