BodyTalk is a simple, effective and non-invasive technique that allows the practitioner to identify where breakdowns in communication within the body have occurred.  As it works only on the body’s own regulatory process, the BodyTalk system is safe and combines well with other forms of treatment, frequently enhancing them.  It allows me as a practitioner to identify and assist in clearing those emotional and energetic blocks within the body that may create pain and disease.

My core belief that health is a balance of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social aspects aligns with Bodytalk’s deep understanding of consciousness as a tool for identifying the core issues behind disease and encouraging balance at all levels within the bodymind complex

I have observed that those patients, who choose BodyTalk sessions as part of their treatment protocols, experience faster and lasting improvements.  I have noticed that when combining BodyTalk into my treatment plans I am prescribing less and getting greater results.

At the first session, I take a comprehensive case history and work out a treatment protocol that will include 3-5 BodyTalk sessions (depending on issues/person/circumstances) and then reassess after these are completed.  After each session I remind clients to keep a peripheral vision focus on what is changing between sessions.  This could be a physical symptom; relationship; feelings; thoughts; level of anxiety; how others are behaving towards them; etc.

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