About Cush the Naturopath

Introducing Cush

My world changed when my health crashed as a result of the stresses of twenty years in the corporate environment. The birth of my youngest child at this time meant I had to change or go under. I turned to my long held interest in natural health and the mind body connection to search for answers to my own ill health and to discover just what was wrong with my baby.


I am qualified in Nutritional Therapy; Functional Evaluation; Herbal Medicine; Advanced Test Analysis; Fitgenes; Neuromuscular Therapy; Life Coaching; and BodyTalk.  At Waikato Institute of Technology I was fortunate to be taught Human Science; Disease Processes; and Bio-chemistry by the Nursing Department.  This experience has given me an understanding of the orthodox approach to health as well as a good science based knowledge and qualification.  I love learning and enriching my knowledge.

I am able to apply my analytical thinking from my business career to my patient cases and this system has helped complex and difficult cases reveal to me the way forward to restore good health.

How I Like Working

I use a functional medicine approach to my clinical practice using my knowledge and experience to support this many faceted way of working.  I take a broad focus on the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social aspects of well being and wholeness of health.  The goal of this approach is to find the root cause of any unease or dysfunction in the body and work with this to restore optimal health and a balanced lifestyle.  I use the following tests to assist me: functional evaluation; fitgenes; bio-impedance analysis; urinary indicans; ABO blood typing; zinc taste tally; urinary pH; urinary matrix evaluation; hair tissue analysis; salivary cortisol stress profile; stool anaylis; hormone testing; blood tests; DNA testing; food diaries; and various questionnaires.

My particular areas of experience are in the digestive system; fatigue; weight management; gene expression; and the effects of stress on the health and wellbeing of the mind/body complex.  I am particularly passionate about encouraging, supporting and educating my patients to develop and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle which brings the benefits of good energy levels; healthy ageing and enjoyment of life.

I am a certified Gluten practitioner and BodyTalk practitioner and encourage my patients to add regular BodyTalk sessions into their treatment plans if they are looking for faster results.

To make that appointment to get started on your journey to health go to http://cushreid.co.nz/book